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Working at ZADCO

Our people are our most valuable asset. ZADCO’s success depends on the skills and motivation of its people working together to achieve our common goals. Most people are employed on direct hire contracts with ZADCO, but we also have shareholder secondees and contracted personnel provided by manpower suppliers.
ZADCO’s people management processes are designed to help manage the expectations of our people, and the Company’s demands on them throughout their employment, from initial recruitment to ultimate retirement. The high level processes are illustrated in the diagram and described in brief below:


Our People Lifecycle

  1. Manpower & Succession Planning
  2. Recruitment
  3. Induction
  4. Integration
  5. Continuous Development
  6. Motivation & Reward
  7. Retention
  8. Release & Retire


What We Want to Achieve?

  1. To accurately analyze current and future skills requirements and ensure we always have the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time
  2. To attract experienced ‘Team Players’ and young UAE Graduates with the integrity and potential to grow and achieve high performance throughout their career
  3. To enhance and accelerate a new Team Member’s entry and contribution to their job, team and ZADCO
  4. To coach and accelerate the skills development of young UAE Nationals and assist them in achieving full accountability in a role at ZADCO
  5. To promote learning, innovation and self development at all levels and provide the competency assessment and training tools to assure continuous skills development
  6. To fairly reward and recognize individual and team performance or contribution towards achievement of our corporate and unit goals
  7. To retain and grow people who contribute to and sustain our business success
  8. To assist people in making the correct career choices for them and the company, or a positive transition into retirement at the end of their career at ZADCO


ZADCO is a family of nearly 30 nationalities from many different cultures. We encourage understanding and respect for our different cultural backgrounds, as well as support for ZADCO cultural values defined in our Vision and Values.

Job TitleLocationAction
Fire ChiefUAE
Mechanical Maint Team Leader- NSI-IMUAE
Instrument TechnicianUAE
Mechanical Gas Turbine TechnicianUAE
Senior Electrical TechnicianUAE
Senior Planning EngineerUAE
Instrument CC Sr. TechnicianUAE
Instrument TechnicianUAE
WorkShop Team Leader- ZRGMWWUAE
WellWork Engineering ManagerUAE
Production OperatorUAE
Sr. Project Engineer -Control -POI-BFUAE
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