Customer Service Staff – Cinema

Job posted on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 at 1:02 pm
As a Box Office (Ticketing) Cashier – you will be the first encounter of a cinema customer, you must have a good service attitude. You must help the customer choose a movie and the seating and ask him/her kindly to consider buying food and beverage to enjoy the movie better.

You will sell tickets to patrons and must be knowledgeable about show times, seating capacity in the theater and each movie. Customers make the first transaction at the theater with the box office employee, so you must know how to work the theater’s cash register and ticketing system.

As a concessionaire – you are generally the next wave of employee that a customer encounters. You will also work as a cash register where patrons buy such things as popcorn, soft drinks candy, and other snacks. You have to maintain a clean area because you will be dealing with serving food and drinks and furthermore, concession stands are regularly checked by local health departments.

As an Usher – you are generally the first person a customer contacts if there is a complaint. You may help customers find lost items or people, find seats or remove unruly people. You need to make sure customers have a ticket for the show they’re attending, tears these tickets and directs the patron where to go. You will usually stand at a podium just before a hallway that houses all of the auditoriums. You may also be referred to as “ticket taker” or “floor person.” You have to maintain the area clean after customers have left, and perform theater checks during a film to ensure that the sound and picture are acceptable. You must conduct routine checks of the bathrooms to make sure they are clean and well stocked.

Skills and Qualifications:

Good Customer Service Background

1-2 years of Experience in Hospitality industries such as Hotel and Restaurant is a plus

Good Communication skills

Language: Arabic, English, Eastern European

Bachelor’s Degree or High School Diploma/Certificate

Cinema Experience is a plus

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Required experience:

  • Hospitality: 1 year
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