HR Administrator

Job posted on Friday, December 2nd, 2016 at 11:56 pm

Job Description

Job Title:  Human Resources Administrator

Reports to:  Human Resources Manager

Dotted line / shared reporting to: Senior Human Resources Officer



Roles And Responsibilities

Key Accountabilities:

  1. Develop and maintain job descriptions for all employees.
  2. Maintain and update Organization Charts.
  3. Maintain hard and soft copy of employee’s files.
  4. Coordinate with Recruitment and Selection Processes.
  5. Ensure leave requests are completed by employees & maintain leave schedule.
  6. Liaise with PRO on all aspects of visa requirements.
  7. Issue relevant FME documentation to new employees.
  8. Coordinate with on-boarding and induction of new employees.
  9. Coordinate requirements related to Medical Insurance.
  10. Assist with the Performance Appraisal process for all employees and follow up collection of completed forms.
  11. Assist the HR Manager in developing and implementing Company Policies & Procedures in line with business requirements.
  12. Provide payroll information by collecting relevant payroll documents.
  13. Assist with drafting HR Reports by assembling, preparing & analyzing data.
  14. Maintain & update relevant HR database.
  15. Maintain highest level of confidentiality.
  16. Perform other HR related tasks that may be assigned.
  17. Comply with Company’s QHSE policies and procedures.


Qualifications required:

  1. Relevant Qualification in Human Resources
  2. Knowledge of Labour Laws & HR Practices.
  3. Minimum 2 years’ experience in similar role
  4. Organized and methodical approach to administration and record keeping


Additional Details

Role specific Behavioral competencies required:

Problem-solving/judgment: ability to work unsupervised and observe, think critically and to solve problems using data-analysis, interpretation, and reasoning skills.

Teamwork: dedication and ability to work successfully with others in a team.

Information & Communication: ability to receive information from, and convey information to others, in a timely and clear manner, using appropriate language, and communication tools.

Client focus: ability to generate client satisfaction (internally and externally), potentially resulting in long term client relationships and additional business.

Planning & organizing: able to set priorities and determine actions, time and resources (tools, software, people, and budget as appropriate.) to achieve pre-defined goals. Monitor and manage timely delivery, leading to reliability and client satisfaction.




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