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Job posted on Saturday, July 21st, 2018 at 1:28 pm

WTS Energy  – Fujairah

WTS Energy is seeking to hire IT Officer for one of its client who is a reputed Oil terminals company.
Location: Fujairah, UAE (with travel to Abu Dhabi)

Job purpose:
The IT Officer is responsible for maintaining and development of excellent and efficient IT communications systems both hardware and software wise. Systems and servers used in Company consist but are not limited to; Emerson’ “Synthesis”; Intelex; ABB: TFMS; telecommunications and so on. The IT Officer will oversee the correct working of the various systems and protect and back up all relevant company data ensuring seamless and uninterrupted terminal operations. Regular communication with Company’s Abu Dhabi and Dubai offices need to take as well as with all external service providers as mentioned above.

 Development of IT architecture and IT system integration in company terminal
 Maintaining the servers and observing their capacities
 Making regularly company data backups and secure the backed up data
 Timely informs line managers on latest techniques and IT best practices
 Maintain an active firewall to protect company for cyber-crime attacks
 Liaises with third IT service providers
 Provides training and guidance to terminal staff related to IT software packages
 Provides regular reports to line Manager related to IT matters
 Liaises with Company Abu Dhabi and Dubai Offices related to IT matters.
 Liaises with external parties such as RTA ; Port of Fujairah; telecom providers for telecommunication systems.


Job Details

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