Prevalent crimes and law violations in the UAE by expats

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Prevalent crimes and law violations in the UAE by expats
All expats have a promising future in the UAE. But often times, due to some reasons,
they are violating these laws and end up being broke or worst in jail. These laws are the
reason for the low crime rates in the UAE compared to other countries.
Learn more on how to avoid them and live a life you dreamt about.
Unmarried couple, homosexuality, adultery
Whatever reasons you have for living together, be it love or you just want to save money,
you better think twice. The same thing goes for Homosexuals as these are strictly forbidden in
the UAE. Punishment for this crime ranges from fines, deportation, or face jail time of 10 years.
Alcohol and Drug abuse
Dubai is well known for being the tourist destination among all the emirates and alcohol are
lurking in all the hotels and bars are these are the only place licensed to sell them. You can get
drunk as much as you like as long as you will not be a nuisance to anyone and get yourself in
For those caught of using illegal drugs, you have a 4 years jail time as per Federal Law 14 of
1995 states that is a federal crime “to produce, import, export, transport, buy, sell, possess, store
narcotics and psychotropic substances unless done so as a part of supervised and regulated
medical or scientific activities in accordance with the applicable laws.”.
( no-14- of-1995_html/UAE- fedlaw_14-95.pdf )
Illegal Workers
Working without proper permit is a criminal offense and punishable by law and can land you in
prison or worst case is deportation. The companies caught having employed a person under visit
visas are guilty as well and will face significant sanctions.
Dress codes, Public display of affection & Behavioral issues
Decency and morality law are very strict here in UAE compared to the rest of the world. PDA’s
are not tolerated here and might be punished in accordance with the law. Inappropriate dresses
which can draw attention are prohibited as well. Emiratis are very conservative and they expect
the same way from expats
For more information on basic Rules and regulation here in UAE, please click the link below:


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