Public Relations Officer

Job posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2016 at 4:43 pm


At InterContinental Hotels Group, we own, operate and franchise more than 3500 hotels, offering close to half a million guest rooms in nearly 100 countries.  By bringing your expertise and passion to any one of our brands, you will help us achieve our vision : to be the most preferred, admired and successful hotel company the world over.


Specific Pre – Opening Responsibilities

  1. Understand all local government offices regulations and especially related to licenses, visa and residence procedures
  2. Identify contacts in all government offices
  3. Make visas for all new hires well in advance from travel plans
  4. Participate in any government, municipality and Tourism Board visits



  1. Maintain good working relationships with government, immigration and Owning Company representatives to have efficient and timely flow of work.
  2. Secure all visa permits, licenses and government administration on time as stipulated by Law to avoid any fines etc.
  3. Use financial resources of the company in a careful and judicious manner through online and cash payments.
  4. Prepare periodic reports as per policy to justify use of hotel resources.



  1. Make all visas, arranges for medicals and residence visas for all colleagues and their families as required
  2. Prepare and issues the employee’s ID cards and Emirates ID Cards
  3. Responsible for the preparation of all personnel documentation in Arabic.
  4. Responsible for safekeeping, releasing and receiving the colleague passports.
  5. Ensure that the visas of terminated or resigned employees are cancelled and responsible for ensuring their exit or their legal stay in the country.
  6. Assist in HR projects and tasks as indicated for the benefit of colleagues.



  1. Arrange for guest visas for individuals and groups as required.
  2. Secure music and entertainment NO Objection Certificates as requested.
  3. Perform related duties as and special projects as assigned for the comfort of the guests.



  1. Disseminate information that relates to local law and changes in law to advise hotel.
  2. Act as Hotel Representative relating to personnel matters with all government agencies.
  3. Act as liaison with relevant Police, Municipality, Health Centres and Tourism Board etc.



This is an important mid level Human Resources job in a large full-service, luxury, resort, or major flagship hotel with extensive facilities and services, a number of major outlets, and catering and convention facilities. Typically manages multiple Human Resources professionals and/or administrative staff.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree or similar qualification in Human Resources/Legal field is required.
  2. Minimum of 3 years background in a Public Relations Officer/Visa Officer position within the Human resources Department is preferred.
  3. Ability to maintain confidentiality to the extent possible in all Human Resources-related matters.
  4. Arabic speaking
  5. Other languages preferred


  1. Communication skills are utilized a significant amount of time when interacting with others; demonstrated ability to interact with employees, vendors, and corporate human resources and legal staff.
  2. Reading and writing abilities are utilized often when completing paperwork and management reports, giving and receiving instructions, and training.
  3. Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities are used often.
  4. Mathematical skills, including basic math and ability to double check cash and online financial transaction regarding work
  5. May be required to work nights, weekends, and/or holidays


Job: Procurement & Supply Chain

Primary Location: IMEA_MiddleEast-United Arab Emirates-FU-Fujairah








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