Rental Sales Agent

Job posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2017 at 7:58 pm

Job ref OPD-01 – Rental Sales Agent
2.1. Daily
2.1.1. Attend telephone calls & emphasize on turning every inquiry into a rental.
2.1.2. Selling of all products and services to ensure that branch achieves its targets
2.1.3. Maintain reservations
2.1.4. Co-ordinate with Operations on specification of vehicle and check for availability of cars
2.1.5. Ensure cleanliness of vehicle and that quality standards are adhered to
2.1.6. Arrange for pick-up or delivery
2.1.7. Organize Chauffeur driver when applicable
2.1.8. Liaise with Quality, Fleet, Driver and Customer
2.1.9. Log- in to Armada for invoicing
2.1.10. Daily checks of upgrades, replacements, breakdowns and NRM ( non movement report)
2.1.11. Open Rental Agreement
2.1.12. Educate customers telephonically or face to face on requirements and documentation
2.1.13. Close Rental Agreement:
2.1.14. Check for Fines
2.1.15. Prepare the invoice
2.1.16. Check the car and complete the VDR
2.1.17. Check with Fleet for any damage reports and relevant documents
2.1.18. Check with Accounts
2.1.19. Collect payments and arrange deposits
2.1.20. Check cleanliness of the branch overall
2.1.21. Schedule the drivers and check quality standards of driver’s e.g. uniform, cleanliness.
2.1.22. Maintain a log book of driver’s movements.
2.1.23. Check the standards of the car washers
2.1.24. Control Petty Cash
2.1.25. Complete the daily business report – DBR
2.1.26. Maintaining daily business reports (DBR) & organizing daily banking & attach banking slip to DBR.

2.1.27. Maintain the following documents:
i. Rentals
ii. Leases
iii. Log Book
iv. T-Cards
v. General Filing
vi. Maintain discount file/book/regular customer driving license file.
vii. Police reports – accidents and VDR
2.1.28. Divert lease replacement requirements to Lease Replacement Agent or organize lease replacements & delivery of new lease cars.
2.1.29. Check daily open RA filing for overdue in co-ordination with Senior Rental Agent / Station Supervisor / District Operations Supervisor.
2.1.30. Send service/registration due OR damaged Cars to fleet ( on NRV)
2.1.31. Handle customer complaints. Forward to Customer Service where necessary
2.1.32. End of the day: – Print details
2.1.33. Batch transmission
2.1.34. Close DBR
2.1.35. Undertakes other duties and responsibilities as and when required.
2.2. Weekly
2.2.1. Feedback to Sales – DBR
2.2.2. Reconcile Deposits
2.3. Monthly
2.3.1. Reconcile the Petty Cash
2.3.2. Complete the Fuel Bill Report

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