Valet Driver

Job posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 at 5:25 am

Job Description: Valet Driver  (160000AO)


Job Purpose:

The job holder is responsible to perform valet parking services in accordance to the given valet standards in maintaining overall Guest and Client satisfaction.


Key Accountabilities:

  1. To be punctual everytime you are scheduled for duty
  2. To ensure guests/ customers receive prompt, friendly, personalized service
  3. Creating a welcoming atmosphere by having a pleasant personality and always greeting the guests before guest greets you by following the standard phrases, and ensure a quick and discreet departure while conveying appreciation and hope to return
  4. Utilize knowledge and information given, to accurately answer any questions from guests and to make recommendations to guests specifications with regards to the region, culture, best means of travel, places of public interest and activities, iconic landmark and where best to shop
  5. To assist your managers/superior in maintaining standards by communicating any problems or potential problems in your work surroundings
  6. To park and retrieve guest vehicles by following the proper procedures and safety practices given
  7. Always offer to help the guest before being requested, particularly assisting guests with luggage handling and arrange for or hailing taxis for the guest if required
  8. As and when required, control the traffic in the lobby and direct them for self-parking if situation id out of control, prior approval from Hotel Management is must
  9. Maintain a good driving record by following the proper guidelines given by the superiors
  10. Be willing to work a variety of day/night shifts and on several locations within your duty hours in addition to contributing with extra hours when required for special events, once confirmation is given for additional duty, attendance is must
  11. To complete your contracted daily work-hours by contributing on multiple locations if you are allocated on a work location that has less hours of work than your daily contracted work hours
  12. Able to converse in English as a common language on work-location and to be aware of basic spoken Arabic as an added advantage
  13. Meet grooming and hygiene standards set by the company
  14. Have an enthusiastic and an energetic personality
  15. Notify your superiors of all negative or positive guest feedback
  16. Perform all additional duties given by your superiors throughout the shift
  17. Assist your colleagues whenever possible should they need help, ask for help should the situation demand assistance
  18. Assist your colleagues by spot sweeping your workplace and keeping the area clean and tidy at all times
  19. As allocated, clearly communicate parking charges to all guests/customers, charge them accurately and handover the given amount of money to your designated ticket handlers/cashiers/supervisors as per the given procedure when working at pay parking sites
  20. Complete any set up procedures, opening/closing duties and the handover of shifts appropriately by following the given standards
  21. Ensure all Safety Systems set by the company and the clients are adhered to
  22. Ensure to maintain a professional appearance at all the times, use designated toilets/ changing rooms/smoking areas/locker rooms whenever needed
  23. Report any fraudulent activity to the senior management immediately
  24. Give feedback and updates to waiting guests if any delay occurs while parking or retrieving
  25. No matter how busy you are, always check the vehicle for damages/scratchers before parking and retrieving, if any new or major damage is noticed inform the guest , supervisor and location security team immediately and mark you valet ticket accordingly
  26. If you have noticed any belongings left behind, politely, ask the guest if they want to carry these belongings before parking their vehicle and as practice politely remind all guests to claim their valuable belongings before parking their vehicles
  27. Leave all guests belongings in the vehicle if left behing, do not alter any settings of various vehicle controls including the seat unless extremely necessary , if changed place it back in the original position before handling the vehicle back to the guest
  28. Handle the tips and kind in accordance to the specified company policy
  29. Report any vehicle accidents immediately to the supervisor on duty/accident representative/location manager/guest/client in charge on location
  30. Always maintain the professional image given by our clients on different establishments
  31. Is willing to cooperate and follow the process of spot checks made by internal/external auditors, Supervisors/Managers including standard body search process if deemed necessary



  1. High School Certificate



  1. One year related experience



  1. Read and write simple English and verbally comprehend simple instructions & communication in English
  2. Excellent customer service skills
  3. Abiding grooming standards & personal hygiene standards (no beard or moustache)


Primary Location: United Arab Emirates

Job: Driver

Organization: The Valet L.L.C

Schedule: Full-time

Shift: Day Job

Employee Status: Permanent

Job Type: Experienced

Travel: No

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