Warehouse Assistant at ACE HArdware

Job posted on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 at 10:35 pm


  1. Receiving goods: – JH will receive a mail from AFL confirming dispatch of Good to the stores . Before unloading the goods JH has to make sure that the container seal is in tack, If found damaged this should be reported to the security in charge or duty manager.
  2. Once the seal is open JH has to unload goods and check them against order forms/ the load list.  While unloading the goods JH has to make sure that they are not damaged . The unloaded goods to be then updated to the scanner and a final confirmation to be informed to the Warehouse supervisor. These then have to be sent for display on the floors.
  3. Damaged Goods: – Store Raised Discrepancy (SRD)for damaged goods and forward to Admin a JH has to raiseDept  for follow up .
  4. Local Vendors: – JH has to make a Manuel check /Manuel LPO for all local vendors as per barcodes .JH has to also maintain a log book.
  5. RTS (Return to sender) :-JH has to check on local items that are nearing expiry dates and which are not getting sold (specially chocolates) . These should  be arranged to be returned to the local vendor and a log book to be maintained
  6. Storage:-JH has to make sure that the goods are stored on the racks or stack bulky items on floors. All unloaded goods to be clearly marked and displayed for ease of reference.
  7. Stocks -advise supervisor on stock and re-ordering levels
  8. Delivery: – A gate pass has to be made by the security dept before dispatching any goods.  JH has to also make sure that the goods which are to be sent to customers have proper details of the location and well packed and send out with completed delivery orders to customers. A log out book to be maintained for outbound goods .JH has to schedule drivers and follow up with customers to make sure the customers have received the goods.
  9. Ware House Equipments: – JH has to make sure that the forklifts and are serviced and the scanners are in order everyday before any deliveries are accepted.

JH has to assist in the ware house in absence of the warehouse supervisor. JH    should also assist on the sales floor when busy with customers.  Supervision:- 10.

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