Warehouse Attendant / Store Keeper

Job posted on Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 8:53 am
Major Duties and Responsibilities: 
1. Oversees and administers the operations of a store. Receives, identifies and verifies merchandise. Provides information to and assists customers.

2. Maintains inventory. Uses inventory management software. Prepares purchase requisitions for the replacement of stock. Contacts suppliers or searches catalogues to determine price and additional details concerning new items.

3. Makes claims with transport companies if delivered merchandise has been damaged.

4. Maintains files appropriate to the activities of the unit, such as invoices, order number, receiving date, shipping date, etc. Prepares reports.

5. Is responsible for cash and makes cash deposits.

6. Verifies ledgers, statements and supporting documents.

7. Communicates with others in order to receive or transmit information.

8. Handles and stores merchandise or special products that require some knowledge of spontaneous combustion, toxicity, fragility, rapid deterioration, contamination, etc.

9. According to requirements and established procedures, arranges stock. In case of emergency or in order to replace outdated material, suggests substitutes available in the store.

10. Controls and carries out the lending and renting of tools, equipment, furnishings, and devices. Ensures that they are kept in good condition and that they are repaired or replaced as necessary.

11. Oversees the delivery of merchandise following an established schedule and coordinates special deliveries by transmitting the necessary details to the persons concerned.

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